Larkin Jamboree 2024 Online Booking System

Participant Registration
Registration for Larkin Jamboree 2024 is now open. Click the button below to register your troop or unit.

Please ensure you know the following:
  • Make sure you have the details of your troop or unit you are registering.
  • You've checked with other leaders to ensure they have not already registered.
  • Each Scouting/Guiding section in your group must register individually - i.e Scouts and Explorers is two registrations
  • Our booking system can link your OSM event and take information to populate attendees. If you have more than one Scout section or troop,  you must register them individually for this to work correctly
  • For OSM Help please visit Click here to find out how OSM can help.
  • If you are a Girlguiding unit then attendees will need to be entered manually.
  • Ensure your details include :- email, phone number and address.
  • That you have an estimate of the number of participants you expect to attend, you can enter actual participants once registered..
  • We hope that you find the booking process straight forward, but if you need any additional help just email us at
    Staff Team Registration
    If you'd like to volunteer to be part of the service team, click on the button below.